Mark R.

Senior Lecturer in Digital Cultures at the Department of Media and Communications, University of Sydney. Researching video game streaming on, as well as esports, gamblification, and game design. Also blogs, podcasts, and designs and codes freeware roguelike Ultima Ratio Regum.

Recent Papers & Books


A new and up-to-the-minute account of Twitch, its users, its culture, and its impact on gaming.

Humour and Comedy in Digital Game Live Streaming

What roles do the often-scathing humour, wit and comedy of Twitch play on the platform?

Frictions and flows in Twitch’s platform economy

What platform features enable, and in some cases actually slow down, the flow of capital on Twitch?

Behind the Streams: The Off-Camera Labour of Live Streamers

What unseen labour are video game live streamers doing, and how does it shape their lives and experiences?