Mark R.

Postdoctoral game studies scholar researching the intersections of play and money - live streaming, esports, loot boxes, gamification, gamblification, playbour - and their impacts on leisure, labour, and culture. Also blogs, podcasts, and designs and codes freeware games.

Recent Papers & Books

The Unpredictability of Gameplay.

A Deleuzean examination of unpredictability in game systems and its effects on player cultures.

Inclusion and Exclusion in the Digital Economy: Disability and Mental Health as a Live Streamer on

Opportunities and challenges for live streamers with health conditions.

The Impacts of Live Streaming and on the Video Game Industry

Examining how live streaming is transforming game play, advertising, reviewing, and even design.

The Lives and Careers of Professional Video Game Streamers on

Who becomes a professional streamer, what does it take, and how secure is the job?