Mark R.

Postdoctoral games studies scholar researching the intersections of play and money - live streaming, Esports, daily fantasy sports betting, loot boxes, gamification, gamblification - and their impacts on leisure, labour, and culture. Also designs and codes freeware games, and used to be a professional poker player.

Recent Papers & Books

The Unpredictability of Gameplay.

A Deleuzean examination of unpredictability in game systems and its effects on player cultures.

Inclusion and Exclusion in the Digital Economy: Disability and Mental Health as a Live Streamer on

Opportunities and challenges for live streamers with health conditions.

Gamification: What it is and how to fight it

Applying the Situationists and Autonomism to thinking through resisting gamification.

The Lives and Careers of Professional Video Game Streamers on

Who becomes a professional streamer, what does it take, and how secure is the job?