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"Ultima Ratio Regum is one of a few ambitious, long-term projects which I think represent the most exciting things about indie game development, about PC games, and about what technology can do for the games of tomorrow."
- Graham Smith, Rock Paper Shotgun

Uncover a procedurally-generated mystery in the most culturally, religiously and socially detailed procedural world ever generated.

Note: URR is designed to work on Windows 10 x64, although it should work on many other systems as well. A Linux version is hopefully in the works, although I believe it works fine on Linux using Steam with the Proton Experimental branch. Others have reported success with Wine. A small number of downloads get false virus warnings: this is a known issue with Python executables, and I am working on fixing it. 

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Ultima Ratio Regum ("the last argument of kings") is a game designed to combine the massive and varied world of games like Dwarf Fortress or Europa Universalis with the cryptic puzzle-solving and clue following of games like The Outer Wilds and La-Mulana. Set approximately around the Scientific Revolution, the player is tasked with discovering a conspiracy via identifying procedurally-generated clues hidden throughout the world's cultures, religions and societies; the game features extensive procedural generation of everything from tombs and religious altars to (in the future) paintings and sculptures, any or all of which may contain the clues required in a given playthrough. The latest major releases, 0.9 and 0.10, introduce currencies, procedurally-generated items, trade, and ship-board travel. 1.0 is coming soon - watch this space!