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Mark R.

Postdoctoral games studies scholar studying the intersections of play and money – live streaming, Esports, daily fantasy sports (DFS) betting, loot boxes, gamification, gamblification – and their impacts on leisure, labour, and culture. Also designs and codes freeware games, and used to be a professional poker player.

My Papers & Books

The Unpredictability of Gameplay.

A Deleuzean examination of unpredictability in game systems.

The History of Cyberspace Aesthetics in Video Games.

Depictions of cyberspace in video games.

The Lives and Careers of Professional Video Game Streamers on Twitch.tv

Who becomes a professional streamer, and what does it take?

Making Science Real: Neoliberalism, Real-Life and Esports in EVE Online

Competitive gaming, and its ideologies, in a unique MMO.