An Update for Strange Times II

May 24, 2020Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum

Just a very short URRpdate this month. Got more coding done, fixed more bugs, cleared out a few remaining issues. The biggest issues as readers will remember was to do with certain classes of NPCs behaving in rather strange, or sometimes game-crashing, manners. As my priority now is to get it out, I have simply … Read More

An Update for Strange Times I

April 29, 2020Updates

Hi everyone – only a short update this month, I’m afraid. It has been a weird few weeks. My head was largely recovering and getting better, then things got far worse again, and now things have got far better again with the same speed things got far worse again, so it’s hard to know what … Read More

Ultima Ratio Regum 0.8 Finale Update VIII

March 18, 2020Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

Hello, my friends! I apologise for no February update, the COVID situation threw everything into disarray on the teaching front and it took most of February to get on-board with “online delivery” of teaching content (this being a common experience of many academics at the moment). But here’s the update I was hoping to post … Read More

Concussion Recovery Update IV – Finale?

January 31, 2020Updates

Things are really looking up on the post-concussion front, at last. At time of writing I’m doing about 6 hours of screen work a day, interspersed with some solid breaks, but not really getting too much head tingling or head twinges (the former being a strange prickling sensation which appears to be “paresthesia”, the latter … Read More

Concussion Recovery Update III

December 31, 2019Updates

A short update again as 2019 comes to an end, but a more optimistic one. I’m at around 4-6 hours of screen work a day at the moment, and the tingling in my head is remaining quite low. It has become apparent, also, that a lot of the remaining tingling is psychosomatic in nature, i.e. … Read More

Concussion Recovery Update II

November 19, 2019Academic, Updates

Just a quick one this month, friends. Recovery continues. I can now manage quite a few hours (3-5?) of screen work each day, as long as I take long breaks between them and wear sunglasses to reduce the screen glare (and also I’ve reduced the brightness on my screens to the lowest level possible that … Read More

Concussion Recovery Update

October 27, 2019Academic, Updates

The concussion recovery is ongoing, and not moving as fast as I would like; I can do a few hours of screen work each day before my head starts to complain, but nowhere even close to what I used to be able to do (i.e. unlimited screen time every day without a moment’s pause). This … Read More

The Joy of Injury

September 15, 2019Updates

This is just a quick post to say I’m going to be offline for a little bit – I’ve suffered a mild concussion. Don’t worry, as far as I can tell my brain is fine (I did a radio interview that night before I realised this was actually a serious thing, and was every bit … Read More

Ultima Ratio Regum 0.8 Finale Update VII

August 24, 2019Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

Here’s the URRpdate of the last two months. A lot of travel and my laptop breaking while abroad has slowed things down, but a lot of progress has been made both on finishing off the last remaining bug-fixes, and adding the final small “feature” required for 0.8. The game is becoming increasingly stable, as well … Read More

New Job, New Country, New Continent

July 23, 2019Academic

I have some very exciting news. After four years on the postdoc circuit, at three institutions, two countries and two continents: it’s over! I am incredibly proud (and relieved) to announce I’ve got a new job – as a Lecturer in Digital Cultures (equivalent to North American “Assistant Professor”) in the Department of Media and Communications at … Read More