Hello friends,

Just wanted to give you all another brief update. I am pleased to report that I have signed on buying a flat here in Sydney! It’s very spacious, on a high floor of a tall and attractive building, has a nice big balcony with a great view, and is actually significantly cheaper than my “max”, which is an additional nice little part of the whole deal. Barring any catastrophes (e.g. the owner has been secretly hiding a farm of wild hogs within the property, things of this sort) the contracts are moving through, and I should be moving in over the coming months. What I realise now is that those parts are actually far less stressful and time-consuming than this part – I’ve moved well over a dozen times so far in my adult life, and I know the jam – so I’m actually looking forward to some degree of normality resuming in the coming weeks as I also begin to pack, and tidy, and draw this chapter to a close. I’ve been in this flat for four years, the longest I’ve ever been anywhere as an adult, but it’s time to get out of here.

Meanwhile on the game dev front, I wasn’t quite sure whether to do a February update or not. I have around 70% of the next blog update done, but I’ve decided that rather than do a smaller update, I want to come back with a bang – so (again barring mayhem, catastrophe, etc), it’s going to be the March update :).

See you then…


  • Hi Mark, hope you are well, it’s been a while since I checked progress of this game. Just curious, Are you still programming in python? If so, how have you got past any sort of limitations encountered with game performance for such a large amount of data processed?

    • Hello Chris, thank you for the message! Yes indeed, all Python, well past 1m lines of code now – though to be fair, a lot of those are the way that the in-game graphic generation elements are stored, so the actual CODE is shorter. Anyway, no particular limitations or issues so far, touch wood…!

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