Getting Back To It

June 8, 2022Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

Hi everyone – thank you so much for the messages of support both on the blog and by email / Twitter, I really do appreciate them. I am pleased to say that I seem to be feeling stronger now, and I’m hoping to resume URR’ing in the coming month. I also have no more teaching now … Read More

Illness, Revisited

March 17, 2022Updates

Hi everyone – just a quick update. The first half of January was very productive – I released 0.9.0a, 0.9.0b, 0.9.0c, did most of the work on 0.9.0d (which is done, I just need to release it) and made some major initial progress on 0.10, but the middle of Jan saw the resurgence of a … Read More

Ultima Ratio Regum 0.9 Released!

December 31, 2021Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

Ultima Ratio Regum 0.9 Released! MAJOR FEATURES: Procedural coin generation has been implemented, and the player now starts with a solid amount of money from their home civilization. Coins can be found in various locations and coinage can be acquired through trade (see below) and coins can be exchanged into other currencies via currency exchanges … Read More

URR 0.9 Update: Buying, Selling, Trading

December 6, 2021Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

Ultima Ratio Regum 0.9 is mostly about procedurally generating the game’s items: With the item generation itself complete (and with coins and currencies also generating), the next thing was to get items appearing in shops. This meant returning to the code that generates all possible items, and then integrating that with the code for generating … Read More

Procedurally generating treasure maps

November 29, 2021Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

Ultima Ratio Regum 0.9 (release date: December 31st 2021) is generating the graphics and details and interactions for dozens upon dozens of different sorts of in-game items and currencies and trade goods and more, and one of these is TREASURE MAPS. I often get asked for more information about generating the various in-game visuals, and … Read More

URR 0.9 Update: Graphics Complete!

October 26, 2021Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

Hello everyone! I am so pleased to say that the first major milestone for 0.9 has been accomplished: all new graphics for Ultima Ratio Regum 0.9 are now finished! Every possible item you can find in the new release is procedurally generated, with most generators have millions permutations; quite a few having billions; and a … Read More

URR 0.9 Update: Reworking Ships

October 14, 2021Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

Some very exciting developments this week! Ships have been reworked for 0.9 and made about a hundred times more diverse, and more interesting, and have some actual gameplay around them now. So firstly, in 0.8 I created a system for establishing travel and trade routes that ships would use, as seen in the picture below … Read More

What “clock” should URR have?

September 25, 2021Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

What kind of “food clock” should Ultima Ratio Regum have?  (A request for feedback) URR is back in active development and zooming towards a 1.0 release, with a 0.9 now well over 70% developed and due to be released at the end of this year. As I come to implement items, objectives, trade and so … Read More

0.9 August URRpdate: Procedural Weapon and Shield Generation

August 31, 2021Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

For too long have the NPCs (and the player, for that matter) in URR walked around without the appropriate protection required in the dangerous, unpredictable, sort-of-medieval and sort-of-Renaissance and sort-of-Industrial-Revolution world of Ultima Ratio Regum. But, no longer! The many new sets of items coming with this release include all kinds of melee weapons (and others … Read More

0.9 URRpdate #1: The Next Release

August 10, 2021Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

Hello everyone! It is with great pleasure that I think the time has come to publicly state what has probably become obvious already given some of the recent blog posts: I am working on 0.9! And, even better, I have been cracking along with it. We’re just a bit over half-way through 2021 and I … Read More