Ultima Ratio Regum 0.11 Update #13: A Brief Interlude

January 24, 2024Updates

Friends, Welcome to a very short URRpdate entry. Specifically, this is just one to say – this month unfortunately isn’t going to come with a full-sized update. This is because I am currently embarking on a major life project, which is to say, buying a home for the first time. Those of you who have … Read More

Some Games I Played in 2023 and What I Thought Of Them

January 6, 2024Commentary

Welcome to 2023’s edition of “Some Games I Played in [Year] and What I Thought Of Them”! This has been a very busy year for me – much of the time was spent applying for, and subsequently getting (phew!), both promotion (to “Senior Lecturer”, roughly equivalent to Associate Professor in North America) and tenure at … Read More