Some Games I Played in 2021 and What I Thought Of Them

June 11, 2022Commentary

Welcome all to 2021’s (six months delayed) edition of “Some Games I Played in [Year] and What I Thought Of Them”! What a year it was. Much to my surprise (and I’m sure the surprise of everyone else) I released Ultima Ratio Regum 0.9 and I’m now actually beginning work on URR 0.10 (!) with … Read More

Getting Back To It

June 8, 2022Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

Hi everyone – thank you so much for the messages of support both on the blog and by email / Twitter, I really do appreciate them. I am pleased to say that I┬áseem to be feeling stronger now, and I’m hoping to resume URR’ing in the coming month. I also have no more teaching now … Read More