Concussion Recovery Update II

November 19, 2019Academic, Updates

Just a quick one this month, friends. Recovery continues. I can now manage quite a few hours (3-5?) of screen work each day, as long as I take long breaks between them and wear sunglasses to reduce the screen glare (and also I’ve reduced the brightness on my screens to the lowest level possible that … Read More

Concussion Recovery Update

October 27, 2019Academic, Updates

The concussion recovery is ongoing, and not moving as fast as I would like; I can do a few hours of screen work each day before my head starts to complain, but nowhere even close to what I used to be able to do (i.e. unlimited screen time every day without a moment’s pause). This … Read More

New Job, New Country, New Continent

July 23, 2019Academic

I have some very exciting news. After four years on the postdoc circuit, at three institutions, two countries and two continents: it’s over! I am incredibly proud (and relieved) to announce I’ve got a new job – as a Lecturer in Digital Cultures (equivalent to North American “Assistant Professor”) in the Department of Media and Communications at … Read More

The Unpredictability of Gameplay is out!

January 23, 2019Academic, Game Design

I am very proud to announce my first book, The Unpredictability of Gameplay, is now out and available from Bloomsbury Academic!  The main goal of the work is to unpack what I’ve taken to calling “unpredictability” in games – the ability to put in one input, and not know what output will occur – into a … Read More

2018 Year in Review

January 1, 2019Academic, Updates

Another strange and tricky year pulls to a close (a few months after I promised a return to weekly blog entries – we’ll get to that in a moment), and what has happened? Well: Academic Firstly: my book is now out! Counting this post as a slightly-delayed December post, I’m going to do a proper “launch” … Read More

How Basic is Basic Gaming Literacy?

May 15, 2017Academic, Commentary, Game Design

I’d like to start this entry with an anecdote, which outlines the basic issue I’m pondering far more effectively than an abstract discussion. A few years ago I found myself in the position of trying to teach someone who had never played a single video game in their life – and had extremely limited experience of board or card … Read More