Ultima Ratio Regum 0.8 Released

December 27, 2020Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

It is with immense pleasure that after around five years (!!?!) of development, including a year “off” when I thought / feared I might never return: Ultima Ratio Regum 0.8 is done! Main features: Procedural generation of potentially millions of possible NPCs in all settlements within the game. Several dozen different NPC types, each with their own schedules which play … Read More

URR Finale Update XIX – The Last One?

December 20, 2020Uncategorized

Well, my friends – I think we’re done. URR works on at least seven different Windows 10 systems without crashing and without triggering virus warnings upon download; the memory leakage issue and the saving/loading issues you’ll remember from a few weeks ago are all fixed; and more bugs have been dealt with in the interim. … Read More

URR Finale Update XVIII

December 13, 2020Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

Hello everyone! Not much to report this week. Sadly – having just said in last week’s entry how much better my head is doing – I’ve had a week of head / eye complaint. It’s all psychological rather than physiological (I haven’t had any concussion symptoms in over a year now) but as anyone whose … Read More

URR Finale Update XVII

December 6, 2020Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

This has been an excellent week of progress! I have moved from where we were last week (after a ton of work in large part courtesy of Greg Scott / Sudasana) with a single working executable, to now a proper pipeline; I can produce and test a new executable whenever I want,¬†and I’ve confirmed the … Read More