AI and Games Interview

April 9, 2021Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum

Hello everyone! Something a little different this week. Given the topics of my blog (and the impressive and incredibly pleasing success the channel in question has enjoyed) I am sure that many of my readers are aware of the AI and Games YouTube channel, run by Dr Tommy Thompson, a colleague and friend I first … Read More

Ultima Ratio Regum 0.8.2 Released!

March 3, 2021Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

Ultima Ratio Regum 0.8.2 released! Download it here.  5/3/2021 update: 0.8.2b released, with two important quick fixes resolving a common crash bug when looking at things inside buildings, and (re)fixing moving up/down stairs. BUG FIXES: Fixed an extremely rare bug where a slum was supposed to spawn, but could not, due to the surrounding environment … Read More

Ultima Ratio Regum 0.8.1 Released!

February 13, 2021Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

URR 0.8.1 released! Download it here. Changelog: Asking people about their civilization’s laws on trade no longer sometimes causes a crash when they mention black markets. Asking someone to list the civilizations their homeland trades with no longer causes a crash if there is only one civilization they trade with, and that civilization they rarely … Read More

URR 0.8 Post-Release Thoughts

January 3, 2021Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

Well, what a week this has been since release! I’m pleased to say the release overall went very well; I have been sent only a few bug reports, and almost all those I have got are pretty easy to fix (more on this in a moment). The feedback has been extremely positive and I can’t … Read More

Ultima Ratio Regum 0.8 Released

December 27, 2020Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

It is with immense pleasure that after around five years (!!?!) of development, including a year “off” when I thought / feared I might never return: Ultima Ratio Regum 0.8 is done! Main features: Procedural generation of potentially millions of possible NPCs in all settlements within the game. Several dozen different NPC types, each with their own schedules which play … Read More

URR Finale Update XIX – The Last One?

December 20, 2020Uncategorized

Well, my friends – I think we’re done. URR works on at least seven different Windows 10 systems without crashing and without triggering virus warnings upon download; the memory leakage issue and the saving/loading issues you’ll remember from a few weeks ago are all fixed; and more bugs have been dealt with in the interim. … Read More

URR Finale Update XVIII

December 13, 2020Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

Hello everyone! Not much to report this week. Sadly – having just said in last week’s entry how much better my head is doing – I’ve had a week of head / eye complaint. It’s all psychological rather than physiological (I haven’t had any concussion symptoms in over a year now) but as anyone whose … Read More

URR Finale Update XVII

December 6, 2020Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

This has been an excellent week of progress! I have moved from where we were last week (after a ton of work in large part courtesy of Greg Scott / Sudasana) with a single working executable, to now a proper pipeline; I can produce and test a new executable whenever I want, and I’ve confirmed the … Read More

URR Finale Update XVI

November 29, 2020Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

Hello everyone! Just a very quick one this week. The Python 3.7 and updated libtcod version of URR… is compiling to exe using PyInstaller!! This is excellent news. The next step is to figure out what DLLs and the like need to be packaged with it. (Oh, I’ve also fixed a whole bunch of bugs … Read More