Hello all – this is just a short blog post to announce that I’ve cleared out my major pieces of work for last week (and indeed made good progress on work for next week!) and now my attempt to get URR 0.8 finished the coming nine days begins. As mentioned before, I’m not on leave, but I am in a teaching-free week, which gives me a lot more time and brain space to think about other projects. The two remaining bugs were 1) extreme memory leakage issues and 2) the executable not working on Windows 10.

I am extremely pleased to say that I think I have already resolved #2! I’ve fiddled with some of the options in py2exe, which is what I use for compiling URR, and although previous versions of the game’s exe were not working on my Win 10 laptop, the version I’ve now been able to create is working! So this seems like a great first step (although I need to check this on a few other Windows 10 systems as well). As such, I am now moving onto issue #1, the memory leakage. I’ve done some initial investigating and discovered, unfortunately, that what I thought could be the easy solution is not actually viable – memory leakage still occurs after I tried to alter the thing I suspected was causing it. What this means is that although #2 seems to have had an easy solution (as I hoped!), #1 is going to be more involved. So I’m going to be plunging into this in the next few days and trying to sort it out – another update soon, hopefully.

LATE SUNDAY UPDATE: I have found the thing causing #1! I’ve found it! Now to just fix it. That’s everything I can deal with for today; will get back to it tomorrow.


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