Hi everyone – thank you so much for the messages of support both on the blog and by email / Twitter, I really do appreciate them.

I am pleased to say that I seem to be feeling stronger now, and I’m hoping to resume URR’ing in the coming month. I also have no more teaching now until February which means my brain will be a lot freer – not in terms of working hours, but just teaching is far more draining than research, and just leaves me with less spare energy and less brain space for creative work in my non-job hours. I have also now finally responded to all comments in previous posts that needed a response, and I’m starting to scope out how best to get back into coding. I hope to have more to say soon, but I’m still just listening to my body and my brain in terms of what I can really do. Thanks everyone – more soon, hopefully :).

(The next thing though is going to be my round-up of games I played in 2021 and a short review for each – it has been 90% written now for half the year and that’s just ridiculous, I have got to get that thing finished and published, so expect that in the next week or so.)


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