URR Finale Update XI

October 25, 2020Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

Good news! Lots more bug-fixes this week, and I now cannot find a crash bug anywhere! I’ve spent many, many hours this week doing everything I can think of doing within the game world, and it has been a long time now since I’ve run into a bug from talking to people, moving around, looking … Read More

URR Finale Update X

October 18, 2020Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

Hello everyone! This week turned into something far busier than I expected with work, but I have not stopped pushing 0.8 to completion. I’ve cleared out a bunch of other serious bugs I’ve found this week, including that bug I mentioned last time where the game appears to have frozen during world generation (but actually hasn’t), … Read More

URR Week Finale

October 11, 2020Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

Welcome back everyone! Thank you all for the kind words in the previous blog posts this week; just like the previous week I dedicated to URR a month or two ago, it has been tremendously rewarding (and productive!) to do the same this time around. These last few days have continued to clear out the … Read More

URR Week: Breakthrough!

October 8, 2020Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

BREAKTHROUGH! I have found most of the remaining memory leakage, and I have got the total memory leakage down from [200mb+ every single time you reload] to only [100mb once the first time you reload], and that’s it (and this only happens if you exit your current save and then reload the same save). This … Read More

URR Week Continues Well

October 7, 2020Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

The last three days have been very productive! Here’s what I’ve done: Monday: Having identified what I thought was the entire source of memory leakage (global values brought out of save files and then not appropriately deleted when you save, reload, quit, etc) I have managed to get all of these to clear themselves out. This … Read More

Mark the week in your diaries…

September 21, 2020Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

Hello everyone! A short but promising update here. Since the last update I haven’t been able to really spend any more time bug-fixing, aside from a brief investigation of the memory leak issue which might prove far easier to resolve than I feared. Teaching has begun again and online teaching is unusually demanding (just browse … Read More

An Update for Strange Times III

August 10, 2020Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

Firstly, hello everyone – sorry for being absent for two months. June and July were very difficult months for me in terms of health, work demands, and other issues, but the gyms reopening here in Australia has done wonders for my mental health, while the conclusion of my first semester of teaching has yielded a … Read More

An Update for Strange Times I

April 29, 2020Updates

Hi everyone – only a short update this month, I’m afraid. It has been a weird few weeks. My head was largely recovering and getting better, then things got far worse again, and now things have got far better again with the same speed things got far worse again, so it’s hard to know what … Read More

Ultima Ratio Regum 0.8 Finale Update VIII

March 18, 2020Game Design, Ultima Ratio Regum, Updates

Hello, my friends! I apologise for no February update, the COVID situation threw everything into disarray on the teaching front and it took most of February to get on-board with “online delivery” of teaching content (this being a common experience of many academics at the moment). But here’s the update I was hoping to post … Read More