The concussion recovery is ongoing, and not moving as fast as I would like; I can do a few hours of screen work each day before my head starts to complain, but nowhere even close to what I used to be able to do (i.e. unlimited screen time every day without a moment’s pause). This hasn’t been helped by a series of other misfortunes: within a week here in Sydney I somehow contrived to come down with Norovirus, which leaves one’s body completely devoid of any of the fuel and nutrients it needs to heal (and actually itself is known to cause headaches), which took me out for close to a whole fortnight; and just a few days ago, while having finally almost fully recovered from this, I was involved in an accident which badly sprained my wrist, scraped a ton of skin off my hands and my knees; and so I’m pretty much typing this with one hand and hunt-and-pecking with the other.

Moving country and job in good health is one thing, especially if you have someone else with you to help out, but moving to a new country and job by myself, in a period where I’m already recovering from a serious injury, and then getting two more illnesses / injuries / shocks to the system in quick succession… I can’t lie, this month has been a struggle, and one of the hardest months I’ve had in recent memory. I am getting more screenwork in on most days, and hopefully this trend will continue; but even so there’s still so much more general admin stuff I need to do here in a new country and a new job to keep me occupied for at least another week or so. On the upside, though, I have completely fallen for Sydney, and I’m incredibly happy with the city, and the job, and everything: now if only I could be in a condition to actually take advantage of that!

As such, I don’t really know what to suggest the immediate future will look like right now, but hopefully I’ll have a nice new game development update next month, and at some point I need to post about all the new publications I’ve put out in the last couple of months as well. Thanks, as ever, for sticking with me, and hopefully November will be the month that things start to pick up again and my head really recovers – fingers crossed.


  • I saw your video for the roguelike celebration, I didn’t realize how intricate your game was with stuff like npc spacing and different dialects, seems super neat and I can’t wait to play it. Hope you get well soon

  • I saw your video from Roguelike Celebration and it was sooo awesome! I’m glad you get to put your ideas in front of that community. There’s no way the future isn’t brighter with the makers of URR Dwarf Fortress, COQ and more sharing their ideas!

    I wish you a speedy recovery Mark! I hope you eventually have a year where you don’t get injured or sick!

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