Just a quick one this month, friends. Recovery continues. I can now manage quite a few hours (3-5?) of screen work each day, as long as I take long breaks between them and wear sunglasses to reduce the screen glare (and also I’ve reduced the brightness on my screens to the lowest level possible that remains readable). I’m getting back on top of my academic work now, just about, and by the end of this month (assuming my screen ability doesn’t get worse again) I’m confident about being back on top of my primary job commitments. Don’t want to make any promises about anything else, but I am gradually getting back to where I should be. I have also finally finished pretty much all the “new country, new city, new job” admin, which was a major roadblock last month to getting anything else done. Thank you all for your lovely support; more soon.


  • Don push too much, rest and take care of yourself as main priority.
    We’ll be waiting your updates also if it going to take a bit more than expected.
    Love your articles/videos/dedication they are very Inspirational.

  • Hey Mark, pretty unfortunate that you’re having to deal with the same thing that totally put a stop to my work a couple years back, and only allowed me a slow recovery since. Still only back to about 80% these days, even so long after my own concussion.

    With screens it’s not just the brightness but also color which can cause problems, so if you haven’t already, try using a program like f.lux and set your screen to have almost no blue at all. It looks weird at first, but you’ll get used to it and it’s a lot more bearable on the eyes (and brain!). Sorry I didn’t think to bring this to your attention earlier xD

    I had to wear glasses all the time, too, for the first year, but now I just use f.lux, and can turn it off for a while when I need to work with color-sensitive stuff (to, you know, see the real colors :P).

    Good luck on the recovery! At least so far it’s a lot faster than mine 😀

    • Josh! Thank you so much for this message; I had totally forgotten this was what you had to deal with too, I should have got in touch. (I’ve just sent you an email). Being only back to 80% after so long is bloody horrifying, I hope you don’t mind me saying I hope mine doesn’t drag on that long (!) – that sounds absolutely devastating. (Fingers crossed, I don’t think mine will). I have also reduced the blue, thank you! But yes, more by email…

  • Hope your recovery is continuing to go well, concussions can be so onerous. Keep taking things as slow and methodical as you can, your work is remarkable but can come in time!

    • Thank you, Jay! I *really* appreciate the kind words. I think I am finally really on the “up” now, and will be posting an update today to that effect :).

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