Just a very short URRpdate this month. Got more coding done, fixed more bugs, cleared out a few remaining issues. The biggest issues as readers will remember was to do with certain classes of NPCs behaving in rather strange, or sometimes game-crashing, manners. As my priority now is to get it out, I have simply removed these misbehaving NPCs – that is easier than trying to fix them. They are only a minuscule fraction of all the NPCs you can encounter in the game, and the ambassadors didn’t have a lot to say that diplomats don’t; so it’s no great loss for the time being. I’ve also fixed a bunch of weirdness in speech generation in a few places, optimised a few things, and once the marking for the course I’m teaching at the University of Sydney this semester is done, I hope to bring things to a close. Thanks everyone for sticking with me, as ever – hope you’re all doing okay in these weird times.


  • Good to hear from you. And even better to hear that you’re doing well. I’m looking forward next news.

    • Thanks furman! Things are still incredibly tough but I have at least reached a reasonable plateau of semi-stability…

  • Hej man,
    I hope you are doing alright, both mood- and health-wise!

    I’m really looking forward to the next release, the game looks super promising 🙂 Please continue your great work!

    • Thanks Olivier! I appreciate the message :). Things are “ok”, which might not sound great, but it’s a lot better than they were…!

    • Hi Paul, I’ve actually never played one! Not through any disinterest or objection, I’ve just never been in friendship groups who are D&D / pen and paper players. I’d like to, though, once things return to some kind of normality here in my new home of Australia!

      • Haha, it’s a lot of fun with the right group! Hopefully you can gather some friends once the world cools down a bit.

        Certainly always welcome to join us online if nothing else!

  • Been following your work on URR since 2014, and only just tracked you down wondering what had become of the project, Just thought i’d leave my encouragement, the details of the generated world continues to intrigue me.

    • Oscar, thank you so much for this! Hugely kind of you, and it really helps to know there’s still interest out there, for getting over this final hurdle. Thanks so much.

  • Hey Mark! Glad to hear that things are getting better for you, and your dog seems very sweet. Hope you’re doing well on these trying times, and it’s exciting to hear that the URR bugs are being flattened, it’s been fascinating us all for so long 🙂

    • Thanks Doris! No matter what happens after 0.8, 0.8 will find its way to a website near you before too long.

  • Hey Mark!
    I have really been wanting to play URR, but, I’ve been having a problem starting it (same problem as the reddit thread from a couple months ago).
    I’m wondering, is this issue going to be fixed in 0.8 or maybe sooner?
    Bonus: is there a planned date for 0.8?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Thanks fro the message Edwin! yeah, there seems to be some Windows 10 issue with the previous version. I’m hoping that won’t be an issue with 0.8, but it’s something I’m aware of and know I need to fix.

  • Hey! Hope you are taking as good care of yourself as you can, friend! Health and happiness is always going to be the most important thing. A sweet dog sounds like lovely company.

    All the work you have put in just up until this point is unfathomable and inspiring. Even more so knowing you have been put through tough challenges. So thank you for all the effort so far and thank you so much for opening up a window into your creative processes and your life. It’s been incredible! And I am super excited to see 0.8 when it comes out whenever the time is right ?

    • Thank you Uggo! I very much appreciate it. And wow, thanks so much for the kind words. I’m actually writing a bit about this in the next blog entry, which – genuinely this time – I think will appear today. Thanks SO much for this message.

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