Just a very short URRpdate this month. Got more coding done, fixed more bugs, cleared out a few remaining issues. The biggest issues as readers will remember was to do with certain classes of NPCs behaving in rather strange, or sometimes game-crashing, manners. As my priority now is to get it out, I have simply removed these misbehaving NPCs – that is easier than trying to fix them. They are only a minuscule fraction of all the NPCs you can encounter in the game, and the ambassadors didn’t have a lot to say that diplomats don’t; so it’s no great loss for the time being. I’ve also fixed a bunch of weirdness in speech generation in a few places, optimised a few things, and once the marking for the course I’m teaching at the University of Sydney this semester is done, I hope to bring things to a close. Thanks everyone for sticking with me, as ever – hope you’re all doing okay in these weird times.


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