Hello everyone! Not much to report this week. Sadly – having just said in last week’s entry how much better my head is doing – I’ve had a week of head / eye complaint. It’s all psychological rather than physiological (I haven’t had any concussion symptoms in over a year now) but as anyone whose mental health isn’t pristine will tell you, that of course doesn’t mean it’s not real. This has really prevented me from doing any kind of non-work screen time this week, sadly (by which I mean: I’ve been able to piece together enough moments of screen time to fulfil my professional obligations, but not much else). However, I have been able to get a few more people to test my URR 0.8 builds on different Win 10 systems and all have been reporting success! I’ve solved a major bug that seemed to be preventing some Win 10 systems from running the game, and the virus warnings appear to have been mostly resolved. As far as I can tell we are basically ready to release now, but I really need a few days of consistent screen work to get it done. Hopefully next week will be kinder. Thank you all again so much for the support and the patience – more soon!


  • Hope your head gets better. I really appreciate your dedication to releasing a finished package. If I were you, I’d just release updates piecemeal. Also, not to distract from 0.8, but the URR website no longer lists downloads at all, so it’s impossible to find and play previous versions. Other than that, any estimates for when in the week 0.8 will be released so that I can clear my schedule?

    • Thanks David! If I could have released smaller updates I would have, but once I was part 50% through this release there was just no way to really chop it down into anything smaller. As for the old URR website, thank you for reminding me. That’s something I need to fix / update. As for release, as you’ll see in today’s blog post once I upload it, I’m aiming now for next weekend! (I.e. the 26th/27th).

  • Weeks are fickle things that tend to twist without notice. Good to hear from you 🙂

    > I’ve solved a major bug that seemed to be preventing some Win 10 systems from running the game

    I’m curious about this one. I tried porting one of my games to Windows once and it was interesting discovering even simple things like libC’s are scattered and strange. At one point my game was seeing different variable values to one of its libraries, but only sometimes. I ended up getting help from the compiler’s authors, they were very nice (TCC).

    > and the virus warnings appear to have been mostly resolved

    I presume you’re talking about the smartscreen one that says your application is not well-known? If you have distributed your test build far enough then it might have gone away ‘legitimately’ xD

    > I’ve had a week of head / eye complaint
    A minotaur!

    • Thanks Hales! It was mostly that smartscreen one, yep, but also someone’s Symantic was flagging it as problematic. However, this all seems to have resolved now, fingers crossed…

  • Really hope you feel better soon! We’re all excited about the game, but it’s always more important to take care of yourself! The game will be awesome whether it comes out in a week or a month or whatever. Wishing for your health from Brazil

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