Well, I think we’re basically done! I have three extremely minor bugs to fix and aside from that I’m just playtesting. I was hoping to release today but we’re just not quite there – it is now going to be next week, but 0.10 is essentially finished. I’m just playing and playing and testing and testing and having a few friends and colleagues test as well to make sure the release is as bug-free as possible. It’s never going to be entirely bug-free when you have a game of such size and scope and only a handful of testers, and this is a smaller release I intend to make far less fanfare about than 0.11 – but nevertheless I want it as polished as possible before I put it out. The final remaining bugs that I know about are all very minor and shouldn’t be at all challenging to resolve, and I’ve been having a great time exploring, reading the flavour texts that appear as you explore, using some of the new facilities, and enjoying the speed with which everything now goes! I’m really pleased with all of this, as 0.10 represents both a bunch of new and valuable features, but also a lot of deep foundational work that has massively streamlined the game and on which the foundation of a main quest will actually be built! Something of this scale can start to creak with time and age I’m pleased with how massively faster and slicker everything is now, and it’s this kind of efficiency that everything else can be built upon in the coming years.

So: barring the discovery of some game-breaking nonsense, I’ll release 0.10 next week at some point once a final few bugs have been squashed! See you all in a week 🙂


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