Hello everyone! This week turned into something far busier than I expected with work, but I have not stopped pushing 0.8 to completion. I’ve cleared out a bunch of other serious bugs I’ve found this week, including that bug I mentioned last time where the game appears to have frozen during world generation (but actually hasn’t), and clearing out the debug messages. Specifically:

  • Fixed the apparent “freezing” issue during world generation – this should no longer seem to happen! (And probably even on slower computers, too!)
  • Debug messages have been cleared out, also in the process massively speeding up the game.
  • Fixed another freeze bug involving reloading the game when an NPC is trying to find a staircase to visit, and being unable to find an appropriate staircase.
  • Fixed a bug where many tiles were being turned into polar tiles, resulting in huge chunks of ice being lodged in the middle of the desert, and so forth.
  • Fixed a crash bug with the game not correctly saving and clearing away NPCs under certain circumstances when you used a dock in a city to travel to a town.
  • Fixed a crash bug involving different in-game “consoles” not being correctly handled, and so sometimes being called when that particular console wasn’t actually available.
  • Fixed another freeze bug involving internal pathfinding when the NPC had only a small number of options to choose from, and none of those options were viable due to the positions of other NPCs in that same interior.
  • Fixed a bug where some NPCs in castles were unable to pathfind correctly, because castles often have multiple staircases leading up / down to disconnected parts of higher or lower floors (e.g. turrets that don’t join the main interior, multiple basements / dungeons, these sorts of things).
  • Fixed a freeze bug with clerks and diplomats in embassies sometimes having nothing to do and getting stuck in a loop trying to find something to do.
  • Fixed yet another issue with monastery placement being extremely peculiar.
  • Fixed another issue with docks potentially spawning in towns in locations which are impossible to access, i.e. out in the water without any land connecting them to the town itself.
  • Resolved a freeze bug in world generation with monasteries sometimes being unable to generate an appropriate name, because there are already too many names with that particular archetype generated in the world.
  • Towns no longer (I think?) sometimes bafflingly generate with gigantic blocks of stone on their borders.
  • Resolved an issue in world generation with religions sometimes not correctly propagating.
  • Fixed a crash bug where rapidly moving between docks in towns and cities would cause the game to collapse when you returned to a city, because it wasn’t sure where on a local map you should be starting from.

This week, again, URR will be my priority in the evenings (though I anticipate another busy week, as I need to devote a lot of time to writing a major grant in the coming days). Another update next weekend at the latest!


  • |Towns no longer (I think?) sometimes bafflingly generate with gigantic blocks of stone on their borders.

    Maybe they just settled in the ancient WIPP site lol.

      • The one in the City sounds pretty cool to be honest, and also the one on the mountain, if it connects nicely with terrain and all that.

        • They were definitely interesting, but quite different from what I wanted from monasteries – and they intersected with existing generators in VERY strange ways!

  • Mark,

    It’s working on windows 10 for me, I think.

    I generated a world and wandered around it for like 20 minutes. I was unable to find any people, grabable items, monsters, or traps. Are those even implemented? I was able to find past videos of combat in this game but so far it just seems to be empty exploration. What am I missing?

    • Hi Taviah – thank you for posting this! That’s strange. You’re talking about 0.7, the current version? Most people report that no longer works on Windows 10… (and I think you’re talking about some of the features of the new version, 0.8, which I’m working on now!)

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