I attach the following coins, with no further comment.


    • Thanks Josh! There are some other shapes too, and smaller coins for smaller denominations (like pennies or cents).

  • Will each civilization have its own currency system or will only the most modern ones? Will some of them share the same system with each other due to commercial or religious influence?

    • Excellent questions! The feudal and nomadic civs will have coinage, not sure about the tribal civilizations yet; maybe they all use barter? Each F/N civ will definitely have its own currency though :).

    • Thanks crowbar! I’m super happy with them too. (Will show off more at some point soon, I’m sure…)

  • Awsome! Would be also really cool if some coins from certain civs would feature a portrait of their famous leader or a deity and it would be the same portrait (or similar) as may be found on a corresponding statue or a portrait of that leader or deity in a castle or in a religious establishment. Or that image of a deity on a coin would actually correspond to the way the deity is being described in the encyclopedia, like holding a candle in left hand and a skull in right hand for example. But I guess that’s way too complicated to make it work. There is actually a lot of interesting stuff that can be done about coins and their design and other little things like that that nobody ever really tried doing in a game, this is why URR is always so interesting and innovative and the next generation of RL developers would have to look up to URR’s design decisions.

    • Heh, actually, I do plan to have at least some of that type of stuff show up… but you’re right, sadly a lot of that would take up such a vast volume of time, for (relatively) little gain, that even by my standards I’d have to say no! But there’s definitely some cool coin integration with other stuff, and many other integrations I’m working on at the moment as well…

      • Cool, can’t wait to check it out!
        On the topic of money – I was playing Incavead (InfiniteCaveAdventure – an interesting roguelike from Diggr developer) today and in that game the world is persistent, so that when you die and start over you start with a new character in a world that has already been changed and there is a limited amount of money in the world, so in time you will deplete all of the resources by using bank/shop (“Temple of Midas” no less) and it inevitably will lead to a financial crash. Here is a quote from Roguelike Temple:

        -Turned the Temple of Midas into a full-service store and bank, based on a complex deflationary economy.
        *You can now do four things in a Temple of Midas: purchase protection, as before, deposit to a bank account, withdraw from a bank account, or buy items. (Buying works similar to wishing, except for a price.)
        *There is a fixed amount of money in the game. When money is spend or deposited, the amount of money in the game decreases.
        *As the money supply deflates, the prices to things become lower. Thus, it is in your interest to hoard money by depositing it in accounts.
        *Unfortunately, this means that eventually the markets will crash when there is no more money in the game. When this happens the supply counters are reset. During the crash all bank accounts are wiped, too; be careful.
        *As demand for items goes up, so will the price, to compensate for the deflation.

        Unfortunately it is hard to find much info about the game’s development, but the premise is quite interesting and novel and yeah, thought it might be interesting)

        • That’s really interesting! I have considered adding a (simpler) version of that mechanic, i.e. that your actions and wider global actions affect exchange rates over time… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves ;).

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